If you’re thinking of straightening your teeth this year, you’ve likely explored a lot of different orthodontic options. If you’re not familiar with all the options on the market, you might not know about all the amazing benefits that ClearCorrect has to offer. 

Discover the top reasons why you should choose ClearCorrect for your orthodontic treatment.


One of the top reasons why people choose ClearCorrect for their orthodontic treatment is because of how discreet the treatment is. Most adults put off getting orthodontic treatment because they don’t want to show the appearance of metal braces. The appearance of metal braces is also the biggest complaint among teenagers. 

With ClearCorrect, you don’t have to worry about what your smile looks like during your entire orthodontic treatment. This is because ClearCorrect aligners use transparent plastic aligners that are nearly invisible to the naked eye. You can continue to smile in pictures and feel confident in your smile throughout your entire treatment! There’s no reason to hide your teeth or feel embarrassed at work.

Nobody has to know you’re wearing braces except for your Carlsbad dentist.


Another reason why it’s a great idea to choose ClearCorrect for your orthodontic treatment is that they’re ultra-convenient. With traditional braces, you have to avoid a lot of delicious food to prevent yourself from breaking your brackets or getting food stuck on your braces. Brushing and flossing your teeth with metal braces is also incredibly difficult. It feels impossible to get your teeth perfectly clean. If you need to visit the dentist for a dental cleaning, you also have to have the wire removed before the cleaning and placed back on afterward. If your dentist and orthodontist are at different offices, this can be a huge hassle of driving back and forth!

With ClearCorrect, simply remove your aligners to eat all your favorite foods, snap a quick selfie, brush and floss your teeth, or get a dental treatment or cleaning from your dentist. The only inconvenient aspect about ClearCorrect is brushing your teeth after eating. 

Aside from that, the treatment is completely stress-free due to its amazing convenience. 


Nobody enjoys feeling uncomfortable, especially inside their mouth! With metal braces, it’s common to feel discomfort from the sharp metal brackets and wires. People commonly experience scrapes on their tongue, lip, and mouth from the constant rubbing. Not to mention, every tightening appointment can leave the mouth feeling sore for days. It can also cause headaches.

With ClearCorrect, you won’t experience much discomfort. This is due to the material made to create ClearCorrect. Both brands use a smooth and thin plastic that’s comfortable to wear all day long. If you rub your tongue, cheek, or lip against your aligners, you won’t accidentally cut yourself. If you play wind instruments or contact sports, you also never have to worry about enduring extra discomfort from practicing for too many hours or getting hit in the face. Additionally, ClearCorrect moves your teeth in smaller increments which means you won’t experience significant discomfort between aligner sets. Instead, your mouth might just feel sore for a day between sets.

Overall, ClearCorrect will provide you with a much more comfortable orthodontic experience.


With ClearCorrect, you won’t have to visit the dentist as much as you would with metal braces. At the beginning of your treatment, you will receive all your sets of aligners for your treatment. As our Carlsbad cosmetic dentists instruct, you will change your aligners. Generally, patients switch their aligners about every two weeks. Then, about every six weeks, you will visit our dental office for a quick check-up! We just want to check on your progress and then send you on your way.

With metal braces, you might break a bracket or experience a poking wire which would require an emergency visit to the dentist. In addition to potential emergency dental visits, your six-week check-ups would take much longer. This is because we will remove the ligatures on your brackets and often switch out the wire. These appointments take much longer than they do with ClearCorrect.

If you’re short on time, ClearCorrect is the better choice.

Fast Results

The last reason why people choose ClearCorrect is that they provide fast results! The average patient requires six months to two years to accomplish their smile goals. Metal braces can often take longer because there isn’t gradual movement every two weeks. Usually, it’s every four to six weeks.

Get Invisalign and ClearCorrect in Carlsbad

If you’re interested in straightening your teeth and want to experience an orthodontic treatment with lots of amazing benefits, look no further than ClearCorrect from our Carlsbad dental office. Please call us at (760) 622-3010 to book a consultation today with Drs. Saw or Luu. During your consultation, we will determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure and recommend the best option for your smile. We look forward to giving you a positive orthodontic experience!