What are White Composite Fillings?

White composite fillings are made of a combination of plastic and ceramic. Together, the resin mimics the color and appearance of a natural tooth to blend seamlessly in a smile. White composite fillings are also known as tooth-colored fillings.

Fillings are a normal restorative process that most patients will experience in their lifetime. Composite fillings help restore tooth structure and maintain the health of a tooth after the removal of tooth decay.

The procedure for getting a dental filling is simple and fast. If Dr. Luu discover a cavity during your next dental checkup and cleaning, they will recommend a dental filling to remove the decay and fill the hole. To remove the tooth decay, our dentists will first start by sterilizing your tooth with a dental laser. Then, they will make a small hole in your tooth and then scrape out the decay. Once all of the decay is removed, they will fill the hole with filling material and buff and refurbish the tooth for a smooth finish. It’s unlikely you will even be able to tell you have a filling in your mouth because it looks so natural. The procedure is fast, simple, and painless.

Why You Should Replace Amalgam Fillings

Not only are amalgam fillings unsightly, but they pose potential health risks. Amalgam fillings are made from different metals and consist of approximately 50% mercury. The mercury reacts and binds with tin, copper, and silver to form an amalgam particle. Although dental associates claim the mercury in metal fillings won’t cause mercury poisoning, many people prefer to err on the side of caution.

Amalgam fillings are also not the best fillings for your teeth. To start, they can start to decay which can cause secondary or recurring cavities to develop. If you have decayed silver fillings, we highly recommend having them removed and replaced.

Silver fillings also come with a handful of downsides. To start, they don’t expand or shrink when your teeth become exposed to hot or cold. While your teeth might expand or shrink, the fillings don’t change. This can cause toothaches during temperature changes and even crack or fracture in your teeth. If you’re flying on an airplane, the change in air pressure can also cause you to experience a toothache. About 1% of people are allergic to mercury which can cause a severe allergic reaction. Also, amalgam fillings usually require more natural tooth structure removal than white fillings.

If you have a choice between dental fillings or your amalgam fillings are damaged or decayed, we highly recommend white fillings as a replacement.

Benefits of White Fillings

Are white fillings right for you? Explore the many benefits.

Look natural – Fillings are colored to match your surrounding tooth color so your smile stays looking natural.

The material bonds to your teeth – Unlike amalgam which doesn’t bond or expand or shrink with your teeth, composite fillings do. This means you won’t run into unnecessary cracks or tooth fractures.

Much smaller filling hole – Dentists don’t need to create as large of a hole in your tooth to place a composite filling.

No health hazards – Nothing in composite fillings can put your health at risk.

Strengthen teeth – Since the composite material bonds to your teeth, it helps strengthen your teeth.

Less sensitivity – Since the material is bonded to your teeth, you won’t experience sensitivity to temperature changes or pressure changes on an airplane.

Get White Fillings in Carlsbad, CA Today

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